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The trick for me was to look to the established

Previously LEDs had been utilised only as indicator lamps, as they emitted only quite little light. The later ones came with enough lighting power that they could be used in lighting applications. First they had been utilised in the flash lights. Flash light makers gave attractive guarantees for their flash light "bulbs" that they will last for 10,000 hours.

Naturally they could give the guarantee simply because a light emitting diode will not "burn" easily. LED lamp has now become a really good cheap lighting option for almost all types of lighting.

So how does it all look after my research? Actually, things are looking much better than I expected. It seems there is a plethora of cheaper LED light bulbs available that were going down the same track as their compact fluorescent counterparts. They promised much but delivered quite a bit less.

The trick for me was to look to the established brands of Philips, Osram, Sylvania, GE and the like. These companies are spending, literally, millions of dollars on research in coming up with solutions, mainly relating to heat management of the LED but also with something called 'Binning'.