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The cold food vending machines are an item

The cold food vending machines are an item many of your accounts will ask for. They should be avoided until an account has close to one hundred employees and most of them are men. As you will discover men are more likely to use vending machines than women are. Men are also much more inclined to use a cold food machine than women are.
Small vending machines
The small vending machines that will handle snacks and pop in one machine are also an option for small locations. The machine that has two products to offer can be an option for an account that has 10 to 35 employees. These small vending machines and the small accounts they go into should be of interest to the vendor that is just starting out. These accounts can be profitable and in many cases are unhappy with the service they are getting from the large vendor (if they are getting service).
The accounts I'm talking about here are the accounts with 25 to 100 employees. There are many different ways to service these accounts. At the lower end of our scale the vendor will normally want to place a pop and a snack machine.
Soda Vending Machines In many cases you may want to look into used vending machines to help hold down on the initial expense of setting up a new account. Another option to look into is teaming up with the cola companies The cola companies will normally be happy to loan a vendor a vending machine to sell their product. Depending on what part of the US you live in you may even be able to get the cola companies to allow you to put a few selections of their competitors soda in the loaner vending machine.
This is done usually when one brand is dominant in your area. The brand that is not doing as well will allow you to use a couple of selections for their competitors product as long as the machine is filled with their product on all the other selections.