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The C500 is not an extremely heavy-duty machine

The C500 is not an extremely heavy-duty machine. In addition, the C500 is capable of punching standard sized and oversize covers, which can be an excellent and versatile feature. All of these features work together to create an excellent option for your comb binding needs. All of this combines to make the C500 one of the only machines available on the market that can use twin loop wire, plastic combs and spiral coil binding. Both of these features are good to have in a binding machine, and without them, there are limitations, particularly with larger volume projects.Finally, the machine does not have a coil inserterThe C500 offers form, as well as function. The wire closer uses a plastic adjustment mechanism to set the closing gap. The round hole 3:1 pitch punch is also compatible with 3:1 pitch spiral coil. For moderate use, however, this equipment is very suitable for moderate volume applications.


The C500 has many useful features, beginning with dual punching slots to punch a 3:1 pitch round hole wire pattern, and 19 hole rectangular Vacuum Machine holes for Ketchup Packing Machine plastic comb binding. In addition, the C500 has a compact design, which makes it very suitable to folds up for storage making it ideal for organizations that are short on space. The reason for this is that the C500 machine does not include a depth of punch margin control or disengageable dies.=


Formerly known as the ibico ibimaster 500, the GBC CombBind C500 is both a plastic comb binding machine and a 3:1 pitch twin loop wire binding machine, making it possible to use Plastic Combs, Double loop wire, Proclick and Zipbind all with the same machine.

Although the C500 is an extremely useful machine, it is not ideal for organizations that need to bind odd sized documents. Because the system offers five major choices (including: Combs, Wire, Coil, Zipbind and Proclick) it is a very versatile machine and is highly recommended for applications requiring versatility. The convenient, fold-up design makes the system easy to store, but it you are interested in high-volume binding, the C500 may not be the ideal for you. This allows you to effectively finish both comb-bound or wire-bound projects. In this scenario, the C500 should hold up quite well for most of your binding needs, both long and short term. In addition, the streamlined design of the machine gives it great form, as well as function. This can be a potential problem, because the very popular 3:1 pitch spiral coil must be inserted by hand, making the entire process longer and somewhat inconvenient. So take a good, hard look at the C500 and see If it is the right equipment for you