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Because a lot of corrosive dusts and fumes

Because a lot of corrosive dusts and fumes will be produced in the processing, and these long-term heavy smoke and dust deposited on the surface of the guide and linear axes have great influences on the accuracy of the equipment, and it will shorten equipment life. The long use of the fan in the machine will make a lot of solid dust accumulate inside the fan resulting in a very loud noise in the fan which is not conducive to the exhaust and remove smell. Although usually shift does not occur, it is recommended that the users have to check the light path before each work. Before the operation of machine, the laser tube must be filled with recycled water and water quality and water temperature of the circulating water directly affect the life of the laser tube. it should be handled gently to prevent Granule Packing Machine dropping; 3. When the suction is inadequate in blower, it is necessary to clean the fan.


Inspection of the Cutting Machine's Optical Path


Machine optical system is completed by the focus of the reflecting Powder Packing Machine mirror and the focusing mirror, and focusing mirror offset problem does not exist in the optical path, but three mirrors are fixed by the mechanical part. Third, clean the lenses. the lens should be gently wiped without damaging the surface coating; 2.


Tighten the Parts of Cutting Machine


After working for a period of time, the screw coupling of the movement connection will loose which will affect the smooth of mechanical movement, so we have to observe the abnormal noise or abnormal phenomenon of transmission parts in the machine running, and the problems should be solved timely. Clean the rail. We should pay attention to the following aspects during the process of cleaning: 1.htm